Somaliland Should be Recognized 0

Somaliland Should be Recognized

Posted on Nov 27, 2012 in Somaliland

Somaliland is holding an election on Wednesday. The country has won international praise for past elections, deemed “Free and Fair,” and the many international election observers here this time...

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Edna Adan Ismail: a Somali Inspiration 6

Edna Adan Ismail: a Somali Inspiration

Posted on Sep 20, 2012 in Edna Adan

The following profile was written by Joanne Butcher, BA Politics, University of Sheffield, and published here: Edna Adan Ismail: a Somali Inspiration Born in Hargeisa in 1937, Edna Adan Ismail is one of...

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A French Doctor’s Perspective 0

A French Doctor’s Perspective

Posted on Jan 2, 2012 in Hospital News

The following is written by a volunteer at the Hospital, Dr. Brigitte Herant Dunais. A link sent by my son – I have no idea how he came across the Edna hospital website – prompted me to apply as a volunteer...

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