On Mothers Day Help us Help Mothers

On Mothers Day Help us Help Mothers

Together, we have achieved so much: over 18,000 babies born at our hospital, as many mothers safely delivered, their families and communities stronger and healthier thanks to the work of Midwives like Khadan and Ikraam.

But there is still much to do. This ??MothersDay? will you help us train more Midwives? Please give the gift of safe motherhood today.

Nobody ever said it better than our dear friend Nicholas Kristof writing in the New York Times.

Beyond Flowers for Mom

In a few days Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day with roses, chocolates and fine dinners, inducing warm and fuzzy feelings all around. But, in addition, I’ll bet helping mothers less fortunate would also render any mom giddy.

That’s what some Americans have decided to do: commemorate motherhood by saving the lives of mothers halfway around the world — such as in this impoverished nook of Somaliland in the horn of Africa. Beyond celebrating moms with fleeting flowers, they are helping an extraordinary Somali woman, Edna Adan, run a maternity hospital here to make childbirth safer. ~ Full Article

Mothers Day

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